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Apple Just Keeps Getting It Wrong

Posted in Firm Cases, Registration

Don’t misunderstand, I think Apple is a great company and they sure do know how to innovate when it comes to personal gadgets. But they really need some improvement in the due diligence area.  We’ve sued Apple a couple of times before because someone dropped the ball when they made a couple of television ads… Continue Reading

Email is Bad: Don’t Use It!

Posted in Interesting Cases

It looks like Grooveshark Chairman Sina Simantob is learning a valuable but painful lesson about what should and should not go into email.  Mr. Simantob committed a cardinal sin, he put a bunch of incriminating stuff in emails that he never thought anyone would ever see. I’m more than certain he regrets every word of… Continue Reading

Software Copyrights Protect More Than Just Code

Posted in Interesting Cases, Software Protection

As I frequently say, software copyrights are the new thing.  Since long ago, software patents were viewed as the only vehicle to protect your software against anything except actually selling unauthorized copies of your software.  But most people don’t remember that until the rise of software patents, which is a relatively new thing, copyright law… Continue Reading

Copyright Piracy OK if You Spend The Money You Saved

Posted in DMCA Safe Harbor, Fair Use, Infringement Defenses, Online piracy

The Swiss government has been considering additional legislation to address online copyright infringement.  First, when you read an article about copyrights, you know which way the author leans by whether it’s referred to as “copyright infringement” or “copyright piracy.”  The hardcore ones call it “copyright theft.” The worse you make it sound, the more likely… Continue Reading