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SOPA and PIPA Must Be Stopped

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Congress is debating the new SOPA and PIPA legislation aimed at making it easier for the government to combat online copyright infringement.  In case you live under a rock, SOPA and PIPA are the two pieces of legislation that its supporters argue would enable the government to help stop online copyright piracy, and its detractors… Continue Reading

Oracle Advances Software Copyrights, Drops Patent Claims Against Google

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I frequently blog about the benefits of software copyrights over software patents.  I’ve also mentioned how Oracle is leading the charge in terms of promoting its software copyrights more than its software patents. Nowhere is it more apparent that software patents are the new thing, and software patents are out, than in the Oracle v…. Continue Reading

Hana Beshara (Phara) Goes To Jail for Criticizing the Government

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Hana Beshara, the self-proclaimed attractive co-founder of NinjaVideo, was recently sentenced to 22 months in jail.  Now this really isn’t a big surprise, given the government’s fairly recent push to demonize and vilify people who push the limits of fair use online. As a copyright attorney myself, I can’t really say I’m in favor of… Continue Reading