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Pinterest Dodges Copyright Infringement Charges

Posted in DMCA Safe Harbor, Fair Use, Infringement Defenses, Online piracy

It seems that as soon as you become marginally successful on the Internet, you are accused of copyright infringement.  So too with Pinterest. If you don’t know, Pinterest is the clever little service that allows you to freely surf the Internet, and if you come across an interesting picture or image, you can “pin it”… Continue Reading

Fraserside Awarded $4 Million Against

Posted in I.P. Address Suits, Interesting Cases, Litigation Damages

Judges are clearly of two different minds when it comes to copyright infringement and culpability.  For example, consider these two recent cases that are similar on the facts, but have very different outcomes. K-Beech, Inc. v. Schreiber and Valdez, et al. In this case, K-Beech sued several people for copyright infringement of a small number… Continue Reading