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Porn Industry Wins Another Copyright Victory

Posted in Interesting Cases, Online piracy

I mentioned earlier about the $4 Million default judgment entered against the site for the unauthorized streaming of some porn movies. That’s real money. Well, it happened again.  This time, Corbin Fisher and Titan Media secured a summary judgment victory against GLBT Ltd. for copyright infringement.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with… Continue Reading

Oracle Forced To Drop Software Patents To Pursue Software Copyrights

Posted in Interesting Cases, Oracle v. Google, Software Protection

Recall that Oracle sued Google for both copyright infringement and patent infringement based, allegedly, on Google’s use of the JAVA technology in the Android phone operating system.  At the time that suit was filed, I’m certain the thinking was that those Oracle software patents would be the strongest part of the case.  That’s what everyone… Continue Reading