Copyright Infringement Advisor


In a legal system that is very structured and inflexible, attorney John Whitaker has found intellectual property to be the purest form of creativity the law has to offer.

An engineering background and being in law school during the rise of the digital age prompted John’s interest in intellectual property law; but helping nonlinear thinkers navigate the complexities of the legal system to protect the rights of their intangible ideas is what keeps him engaged with his work.

As founder of the Whitaker Law Group, John has been practicing all aspects of intellectual property law for over fifteen years.  He has extensive experience in the computer arts, including software and hardware.

John’s blog, the Copyright Infringement Advisor, was created to help creative people learn about how they can and should be protecting their work.  Unfortunately, today’s business environment means that those people will have to learn about the copyright infringement process.  This blog features original and insightful commentary on news and updates in the world of copyright law.