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Abrahams v. Hard Drive: Update 2

Posted in Contingent Fee, Doe Counter-Suits, I.P. Address Suits, Interesting Cases, Porn Industry

Well this is big news:  Following up on my earlier update on this case, there was a hearing today on the Abrahams v. Hard Drive case to argue Abrahams two-strike dismissal motion.  I’m not exactly sure what was said, but here is the order basically dismissing Hard Drives claims. What?!?! It was stipulated that the… Continue Reading

Court’s Patience With Bittorrent Litigation Wearing Thin

Posted in Contingent Fee, I.P. Address Suits, Interesting Cases, Porn Industry

As both FightCopyrightTrolls and DieTrollDie have recently reported, the Courts are growing increasingly impatient with plaintiffs in mass bittorrent litigation. Orders severing the defendants are becoming commonplace, and the plaintiffs are finding those cases substantially less lucrative. First, Judge Hill  is reported to have killed many of the porn-related bittorrent suits down in Louisiana.  Effectively,… Continue Reading

Sound Recordist Sues iBird For Copyright Infringement

Posted in Contingent Fee, Firm Cases

Martyn Stewart is a nature recordist who has spent the last 30 years amassing one of the most impressive collections of nature sounds in existence.  He routinely licenses his sounds for various purposes, such as movies, documentaries, commercials, websites, and occasionally software applications.  Stewart was approached by a company, Mitch Waite Group, about using his… Continue Reading

Lloyd Shugart Awarded $1.3 Million For Copyright Infringement

Posted in Contingent Fee, Firm Cases, Litigation Damages, Registration

Lloyd Shugart is a professional photographer who had been hired by Propet USA, Inc. to photograph Propet’s shoes for its marketing materials.  Mr. Shugart limited the use of his photographs to two years in his terms of use. When Mr. Shugart noticed that Propet had continued to use certain of his images outside of their… Continue Reading