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Abrahams v. Hard Drive: Update 2

Posted in Contingent Fee, Doe Counter-Suits, I.P. Address Suits, Interesting Cases, Porn Industry

Well this is big news:  Following up on my earlier update on this case, there was a hearing today on the Abrahams v. Hard Drive case to argue Abrahams two-strike dismissal motion.  I’m not exactly sure what was said, but here is the order basically dismissing Hard Drives claims. What?!?! It was stipulated that the… Continue Reading

Abrahams v. Hard Drive Productions: Update

Posted in Doe Counter-Suits, I.P. Address Suits, Porn Industry

So Seth Abrahams is fighting back hard against Hard Drive Productions in an excellent bittorrent battle down in California. Before we go any further, it’s important to get all the cases straight. First, Hard Drive originally sued a bunch of Does (11-1567).  Then, Hard Drive dropped that case and re-filed against only one Doe (11-5634). … Continue Reading

“Does” Start To Strike Back In Bittorrent Litigation

Posted in Doe Counter-Suits, Interesting Cases

Over at FightCopyrightTrolls, they put together a great listing of cases where the hunted has become the hunter.  ”John Does” as they are called frequently crumble and settle under the pressure of the plaintiffs in mass bittorrent cases. Sometimes the Does just ignore the cases, but that too has its dangers.  Rarely, but more and… Continue Reading

Seth Abrahams v. Hard Drive Productions heats up

Posted in Doe Counter-Suits, I.P. Address Suits, Interesting Cases, Porn Industry

This is an interesting copyright infringement case.  If you haven’t heard, this case is part of an ever-increasing battle brewing between the porn-industry copyright crusades and the getting-tired-of-it public.  Here is some background on the cases: HDP v. Does 1-118 [4:11-cv-01567] Filed Mar. 31, 2011 First, Hard Drive Productions filed another one of the many… Continue Reading