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Viacom Sued Over Photo of Demi Moore

Posted in DMCA Safe Harbor, Interesting Cases, Online piracy

National Photo Group is a company that licenses photographs of celebrities. They claim to own the copyrights on a multitude of  photographs of celebrities.  Licensing those photographs to online and print publications is the ‘bread and butter of its business.’  Viacom is the parent company of VH1, which as we all know is a television channel… Continue Reading

Google Now Using DMCA Takedown Notices To Affect Search Ranking

Posted in DMCA Safe Harbor, Online piracy

Google recently announced that it will begin using the number of DMCA takedown notices that a site receives. ”Starting next week, we will begin taking into account a new signal in our rankings: the number of valid copyright removal notices we receive for any given site,” said Amit Singhal, Google SVP of engineering. “Sites with high… Continue Reading

Porn Industry Wins Another Copyright Victory

Posted in Interesting Cases, Online piracy

I mentioned earlier about the $4 Million default judgment entered against the site for the unauthorized streaming of some porn movies. That’s real money. Well, it happened again.  This time, Corbin Fisher and Titan Media secured a summary judgment victory against GLBT Ltd. for copyright infringement.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with… Continue Reading

Pinterest Dodges Copyright Infringement Charges

Posted in DMCA Safe Harbor, Fair Use, Infringement Defenses, Online piracy

It seems that as soon as you become marginally successful on the Internet, you are accused of copyright infringement.  So too with Pinterest. If you don’t know, Pinterest is the clever little service that allows you to freely surf the Internet, and if you come across an interesting picture or image, you can “pin it”… Continue Reading

Hana Beshara (Phara) Goes To Jail for Criticizing the Government

Posted in Interesting Cases, Online piracy, Software Protection

Hana Beshara, the self-proclaimed attractive co-founder of NinjaVideo, was recently sentenced to 22 months in jail.  Now this really isn’t a big surprise, given the government’s fairly recent push to demonize and vilify people who push the limits of fair use online. As a copyright attorney myself, I can’t really say I’m in favor of… Continue Reading

Copyright Piracy OK if You Spend The Money You Saved

Posted in DMCA Safe Harbor, Fair Use, Infringement Defenses, Online piracy

The Swiss government has been considering additional legislation to address online copyright infringement.  First, when you read an article about copyrights, you know which way the author leans by whether it’s referred to as “copyright infringement” or “copyright piracy.”  The hardcore ones call it “copyright theft.” The worse you make it sound, the more likely… Continue Reading