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Apple Just Keeps Getting It Wrong

Posted in Firm Cases, Registration

Don’t misunderstand, I think Apple is a great company and they sure do know how to innovate when it comes to personal gadgets. But they really need some improvement in the due diligence area.  We’ve sued Apple a couple of times before because someone dropped the ball when they made a couple of television ads… Continue Reading

Perfect your Copyright: Register Your Photographs!

Posted in Interesting Cases, Registration

I have mentioned before that registering your copyright before infringement occurs gains you some very significant benefits.  If you are a photographer in the digital age, that lesson should be especially dear.  If you don’t want to believe me, then take the advice of Jeremy Nicholl, a British photographer based in Moscow who specializes in… Continue Reading

Group Registration of More Than 750 Photographs

Posted in Registration

If you don’t already know the enormous benefits of having your copyrighted work registered before infringement commences, then you should. This topic has been exhaustively covered elsewhere, so I will just start with the premise that it is always best to get your works registered timely. That said, I speak to artists’ groups sometimes and… Continue Reading

Lloyd Shugart Awarded $1.3 Million For Copyright Infringement

Posted in Contingent Fee, Firm Cases, Litigation Damages, Registration

Lloyd Shugart is a professional photographer who had been hired by Propet USA, Inc. to photograph Propet’s shoes for its marketing materials.  Mr. Shugart limited the use of his photographs to two years in his terms of use. When Mr. Shugart noticed that Propet had continued to use certain of his images outside of their… Continue Reading