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Oracle Wins Nothing In Google Copyright Suit

Posted in Interesting Cases, Oracle v. Google, Software Protection

In the ongoing battle that is the Oracle versus Google lawsuit, Oracle has now agreed that Google owes nothing for copyright infringement.  Not exactly, but sort of. To recap, Oracle sued Google for both patent infringement and copyright infringement over Google’s Android smartphone operating system. By the end, a jury found that Google did infringe… Continue Reading

Oracle Forced To Drop Software Patents To Pursue Software Copyrights

Posted in Interesting Cases, Oracle v. Google, Software Protection

Recall that Oracle sued Google for both copyright infringement and patent infringement based, allegedly, on Google’s use of the JAVA technology in the Android phone operating system.  At the time that suit was filed, I’m certain the thinking was that those Oracle software patents would be the strongest part of the case.  That’s what everyone… Continue Reading

Oracle Advances Software Copyrights, Drops Patent Claims Against Google

Posted in Interesting Cases, Oracle v. Google, Software Protection

I frequently blog about the benefits of software copyrights over software patents.  I’ve also mentioned how Oracle is leading the charge in terms of promoting its software copyrights more than its software patents. Nowhere is it more apparent that software patents are the new thing, and software patents are out, than in the Oracle v…. Continue Reading

Hana Beshara (Phara) Goes To Jail for Criticizing the Government

Posted in Interesting Cases, Online piracy, Software Protection

Hana Beshara, the self-proclaimed attractive co-founder of NinjaVideo, was recently sentenced to 22 months in jail.  Now this really isn’t a big surprise, given the government’s fairly recent push to demonize and vilify people who push the limits of fair use online. As a copyright attorney myself, I can’t really say I’m in favor of… Continue Reading

Software Copyrights Protect More Than Just Code

Posted in Interesting Cases, Software Protection

As I frequently say, software copyrights are the new thing.  Since long ago, software patents were viewed as the only vehicle to protect your software against anything except actually selling unauthorized copies of your software.  But most people don’t remember that until the rise of software patents, which is a relatively new thing, copyright law… Continue Reading

Copyright Protection for Software: Keeps Getting Better

Posted in Interesting Cases, Software Protection

I continue to believe that copyright protection for software is the better legal theory than patent law. Copyright protection is way easier to get, cheaper to acquire, and exists instantly.  It also lasts longer, but who uses 70-year old software anyway? I think my opinion definitely has its supporters.  Obviously, the Oracle case against SAP… Continue Reading

Copyright Protection for Software: More Money

Posted in Interesting Cases, Software Protection

I’ve mentioned before that you should be seriously considering copyright protection for your software either in addition to patent protection, or as an alternative if you don’t already have patent protection. Again, you get copyright protection automatically, without the exorbitant expense and delay associated with patent protection.  Also, there is the possibility for greater money… Continue Reading